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Welcome to our beautiful new site at WordPress!

Updates and announcements about events and activities will be posted here. Please add us to your RSS feeds and/or your blogrolls.

A few things to note:

  • This main page will serve as a news page. Since it is in blog form, you may post comments if you wish, but please don’t flame.
  • There is a possibility that this site will be only temporary. Once we get University web space, we might consider transferring the information over.
  • Currently the only administrator is me, Iris [posting as “oceanictongues”]. Hopefully, once we get all of our officers on board, there will be more.
  • There is a link to our Google Calendar on the “Calendar” page. Please add it to your own calendar.
  • Any event photos will be available through Picasa [keep your eyes peeled].
  • Any questions may be directed to the new administrative email address: oceanic.tongues[at]gmail.

Hope that made sense. Thanks.

– I.


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