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hey all, happy new years!

OT is starting again, next Tuesday, January 13th! an LTS conference workshop and a guest speaker from the English department are among the events planned for this quarter. hope to see you at our meetings! 6:30pm, Margaret Jacks Rm 429.



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From our new president, Henry Leung:

“Check it out: Oceanic Tongues (Stanford’s Asian American Writers’
Workshop) is having its first official meeting this Thursday the 16th
at 6:30. It’s been a long summer and a long few weeks of classes. Now
it’s time to have free pizza, to meet with other writers on campus, to
have some fun, and to have free pizza.

Come if you write, like to write, want to write, always thought about
writing but never really got around to it. Come if you’re
Asian-American, or Pacific-Islander, or white, or blue, or any
combination of skin color. Come with an empty stomach, a pen and
paper, and a story to tell.

Thursday, October 16th
building 460, room 429
(Margaret Jacks Hall, aka the English Dept)

Don’t miss this.”

-Henry Leung, president

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Thanks very much to the awesome actors from the Asian American Theatre Project who came out to help us read-through and workshop our scenes this past Tuesday. We had a blast, and we would love to see you guys at our final reading if you can make it (the group loved you guys; there were many murmurs of “can we please have the actors read our scripts for us at the reading?”)

In other news, we have just finished electing our new officers for the 2008-2009 school year. This coming week, the new board will begin the process of transitioning into their new roles. They are:

Henry Leung, President
Ben-Zhen Sung, Vice President
Atha Fong, Financial Officer
[Calendar Administrator, still TBA].

Congratulations, guys!

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Welcome back to campus! Last quarter’s final reading was a smash hit – congrats to all the readers, and thanks to all of the audience members who came out to support us.  What follows is a bit of an update about some administrative changes that will be taking place this quarter.

First of all, we have some new acting officers (in addition to me).  Please welcome the very awesome:

Henry Leung – Vice President
Atha Fong – Financial Officer
Ada Yee – Calendar Administrator

You may see postings by each of these lovely people, from time to time.

We’ve also changed the format and schedule of meetings a little bit.  This quarter, there will be meetings every week rather than every other week.  We will be mostly alternating between straight “workshop” sessions (i.e. times for peer feedback) and what we’re now calling “craft seminars” (times for discussion and creative response – what we used to lump in under the name “workshop”).  There will, of course, still be special events – we plan on a performance at SOCA’s An Art Affair, a collaboration with the Asian American Theater Project, a special session with Prof. Shimon Tanaka of the Creative Writing Department, and another  end-of-quarter reading.  Please keep your eyes peeled as we update the Google Calendar.  A hard-copy calendar of events will be forthcoming soon.

As for this week, we’ve got two events:

1) Tuesday, 4/8 (tomorrow) Craft Seminar – collaborative poetry; led by Iris.  We’ll also be talking about tabling at  SOCA, so please come!  (6:30 pm in the 4th floor conference room of Margaret Jacks).

2) Friday – SOCA Art Affair.  Tabling and performances by Iris and Henry.

Hope to see you there!

– Iris

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Welcome to our beautiful new site at WordPress!

Updates and announcements about events and activities will be posted here. Please add us to your RSS feeds and/or your blogrolls.

A few things to note:

  • This main page will serve as a news page. Since it is in blog form, you may post comments if you wish, but please don’t flame.
  • There is a possibility that this site will be only temporary. Once we get University web space, we might consider transferring the information over.
  • Currently the only administrator is me, Iris [posting as “oceanictongues”]. Hopefully, once we get all of our officers on board, there will be more.
  • There is a link to our Google Calendar on the “Calendar” page. Please add it to your own calendar.
  • Any event photos will be available through Picasa [keep your eyes peeled].
  • Any questions may be directed to the new administrative email address: oceanic.tongues[at]gmail.

Hope that made sense. Thanks.

– I.

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