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Hello, OT’ers:

Here is a wonderful opportunity for all of you budding or would-be playwrights out there to flex your creative muscles.  OT will be collaborating with AATP in preparation for the latter’s first annual monologue slam (competition), to be held on November 20th at 8 pm in the CoHo.  The slam itself will feature performances from the 10-minute play “R.A.W.” as well as the presentation of original monologues written by no other than…that’s right…YOU!

OT will be co-hosting a craft seminar with AATP about dramatic writing on the Thursday before the entry deadline.  We will also be posting periodic updates, including advice about monologue-writing, to this blog, so keep checking back for more info!

Here are the rules, courtesy of the AATP’s e-flyer:

“Write a monologue (2 mins max) for you or a friend to perform and compete for awesome prizes to the Stanford Bookstore, Jamba Juice, and the Coho!! Simply sign up, show up, and SLAM!!!

To enter the competition, email kwyoung@stanford.edu by Sunday, November 16, with the following information:

  • Author and performer name
  • The subject and style of monologue
  • (e.g.  My name’s Mitra Tizzles, I’m performing myself, My monologue is a comedy about giant balls…of boba.)

For guidance writing the monologue, visit oceanictongues.stanford.edu [OT’s note: actually, visit the BLOG, not the main web site] or attend one of AATP’s Thursday night acting workshops at 9PM in the A3C Ballroom!”

Happy writing, folks!  Keep ’em coming.


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